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British Open 2011


Not quite like Tiger but almost ............. Teeshots Wittem Hole 1

We started  the game back in spring 1995. Ever since we’ve been passionate golfers. This is our major hobby and so we act. We 'collect' golf courses and up to date played 376 in 20 countries on 4 continents worldwide. Of course we have 376 score cards and we bring a logo ball whenever available.
Our top 10 ranking golf courses played
  1. Fancourt Resort RSA both Outeniqua and Montagu
  2. Siam G &C Pattaya Thailand
  3. Pezula GC Knysna RSA
  4. La Quinta resort Palm Springs /CA
  5. Gardagolf Italy
  6. Dromoland Ireland
  7. Druids's Glen Ireland
  8. Saujana Palm Malaysia
  9. Indian Wells resort Palm Springs /CA
  10. Les Bordes France

The very first time I came in touch with golf or I can ever recall was back in the 60ies in a very strange way. Some of you will remember the TV series "The Avengers" with Diana Rigg and Patrick Mc Neal. Actually the German title "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone" is more suitable, because it is the most sophiscated and best British sense of humor I've ever seen on TV . It's all about weird (in a Shakespearean sense) most obscure, bizarre and inventive criminals who use self made High Tech weapons in order to make the murder look like an accident. In one episode, called the 13th hole, the gangsters built a golf ball gun or actually bazooka to kill their victims on the course. Distinctive: The victim has the club logo imprinted on his temple because they used a ball with logo of course. Emma Peel and John Steed then would have to investigate and solve the case. Showdown: Steed knocks out his opponent with a regular golf shot with a club that hits his forehead!!! Very extraordinary and adventurous anyway. You can imagine that such a TV experience would engrave into an 14 year old kid's brain.

The second encounter was on TV again when the German TV first broadcasted a golf tournament as Bernhard Langers won the Masters in 1985. Our American and British readers have to realize that golf is an exotic sports discipline like maybe badminton or field hockey in the States or Speed Skating in England.

The third time was in Death Valley when we stayed in an Hotel on a golf course and I asked myself where they got all the water from for irrigation.

Par 6 13th 798 yards with my caddy Ho on tee box St Andrews 2000 GC Pattaya Thailand. They have another on of 870 yards .......aim at the Coconut tree. Obviously hit one that bounced back on the fairway. With my caddy Ampai the best one we ever encountered in the County. On the Laem Chabang GC par 4 17th She also spoke excellent English. Right: Crictical views Doetske and Riet checking scorecards maybe a double par on the par 6 holes? Two long shots over the water...


Our favourite destinations are Italy, Ireland, South Africa and Thailand. Not too busy and still reasonable  green fees, some excellent course conditions. In Ireland, as you know, you can talk about a golf culture, but as far as green fees are concerned, you have to take care where you play. Some courses are very expensive. We attended the Ryder Cup in 2006 a gorgeous and unique experience, but to play the Key club would cost you some 260 €, a little bit beyond our purse !!

Our favorite golf areas are Palm Springs, the Cape region, price quality wise unbeatable, and Northern Italy, the provinces of Lombardia and Piemonte close to the lakes.

Stretch  yourself out and enjoy our golf site. The language of this game is English, and so we’ll keep it. Some articles we wrote for our local club journal are in
Dutch or German. Our home club is the Zuid Limburgse Golf & Country club in Wittem close to Maastricht. We’ve been members there since we’ve started to play. It’s the most elevated club of the country, some 240 meters high on the back nine. A tough and relatively long parkland course, where you need length and accuracy. Our par 4 9th is said to be the second toughest par 4 in the country.

Hunter or golfer? Riet climbing the raised hide to see where our drives end up on the par 4 11th Lisbon Sports club. Par 3 18th finishing hole Asker GC Oslo, Norway. Driver's seat after a good teeshot on the difficult par 5 6th Aruba over the water

On our numerous trips we shot a lot of photographs so we can only show you the highlights here: a nice selection.
We pay a lot of attention to keep our Golf Excel file update. This contains all courses we played including a short characterization, green fees, course rating, ambiance and service. Moreover you can find there the nicest and toughest holes or the holes of the year, including photos, top 20 courses ever played,  nicest ambiance, birdies and eagles. Spectacular shots, shots of the year and lost balls.
We play some 100 rounds together per year. Amazingly we only shot two eagles, but, mind you, the so called 'royal eagles' for an amateur both on a par 4. Ralf on 2st of June 2001 on the Castelconturbia  golf course in Italy hole 7 giallo and Riet on our home course on 23rd  of April 2008 hole seven. Our present  handicap is 15,0 (Riet)  and 14,0 (Ralf)
Watching golf on TV is mandatory both The European Tour and the PGA Tour, all majors are a must just like one live tournament a year. Watching Golf Live : Most of all we go to the Mercedes CS, the former Linde German masters, in Cologne /Gut Laerchenhof . The most beautiful course we've ever seen on this occasion was the Bighorn GC (200 000 $ entrance fee provided you're high enough on the VIP list ) at Palm Springs, where we attended the LPGA playing in 2004, another overwhelming Annika SØrenstam victory.

Top left Indian Wells west hole 13 nicest hole 2004
Top right Colli  Berrici Vizenza , Hole 11 Sien on the tee of the toughest hole in 2005 probaly ever.
Bottom left Salobre Teneriffa Morning view
Bottom right TPC at the Summerlin, a PGA course with our friend Randy and his son Tony Oct 2004



Left .......Indian Palms GC Palm Springs first day with my best and old golf mate but a new driver....Right. Bad lies- Castel d' Aviano golfclub par 4 11th greenbunker

The Ryder Cup 2006

Contemplations on a golf swing. Or the quintessence of a good swing The ultimate answer!

What does it make so difficult ?

First of all I have to say that I’m not a Golf pro or a physician specialized on sport medicine.
The golf swing is an unnatural and artificial  movement for a human being. On the back swing you take the club away from you and on the follow through as well. This movement is  unstable. The  motion less ‘secure’.  All muscles involved pulling things towards yourself are much stronger developed than the ones you use if you push things away: Your adductors are stronger than the abductors, your biceps stronger than your triceps, your brachioradialis  stronger than your ulnaris.

A good golf swing provides that your entire body is absolutely relaxed and not tensed as far as your left leg shoulders, arms and hands are concerned. By executing the turn, however, your abdominal's and oblique  is supposed to be stretched,  not on purpose  but as a natural muscle tone  caused by the turn. So you have to be in total control of your body, partly naturally tensed, partly relaxed and loose. Otherwise an effective power transmission  is not possible. It is  the source and  the essential precondition  that generates club face acceleration, and, as a result a decent length .

The major mistake which causes so many other faults of a golf amateur, so most of us, however, is to be totally tense, cramped or clenched . This makes it look a bad swing. How often have we heart: To much power, too fast  or in Dutch or German ‘ geforceerd or   te hard willen slaan,  zuviel Kraft  zu schnell.Also, let’s say at least a minimum capability of  coordination is necessary.
No one else has explained this better than Ben Hogan in his book “ Five lessons – The modern Fundamentals of Golf". When  he ( the golfer) brings these incorrect forces into his swing, his coordination breaks  down, for by using wrong muscles  he necessarily curtails  the correct functioning of the correct  muscles ( page 46).


Tip on the tee Devonvale GC RSA Happy eagle!! Riet played her 1st one on our home course par 4, 7th april 2008


The only movement in human evolution that might come close is to throw a spear.

The incorrect forces mentioned,  cause slices, pull hooks to top the ball, or, just hack it which looks so ugly. We all know that when we watch other golfers and possibly ourselves on a video.
So to  force yourself to relaxation or looseness is in fact  a contradiction not only in the semantic sense of the word. As an additional disadvantage we male golfers have the Y chromosome which was so important to survive for the entire human race as we all know. In fact you have to say a man must fight against his instincts making a good golf swing.


Left: Riet played her 200th golfcourse on sep 24th 2004. Right: Caddy crew Siam G& C Club, Pattaya, Thailand. The Number 2 course in our top 100 !!!

Therefore women swing so much nicer!  ”Boys, we always knew, there must  be a reason.
Our first Pro always said: “Make a nice swing and it’s going to be a good swing too".This is it folks, way more important than stance, grip, shoulders, hip, legs, arms, hands, head, turn back swing or follow through. Logical it’s easier to concentrate on one thing only. Quintessence: make a nice swing !!


Drui's Glen par 3 12th. The "Autgusta hole " shot by a friendly marshall

Bellville GC, RSA hole 18 remember this wisdom !!

Watch the board : "threre's a life after golf"

It's all in the game, good times, bad times. We only show you the highlights of course, not the scratches after we dived into the bushes to find a lost ball or so.



Left: Riet in her typical gait and body language after just having scratched a difficult par on the Colli berici GC par 4 10th Bottom left: Ralf teeing off on one of the nicest courses we ever played. Dromoland ,county Limerick, Ireland in the rain Right: That's how a beaming winner looks, Riet in a presentation ceremony after a club fun-competition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our golfclub, eyes matching with her top !!! Bottom right: Have an eye for nature : Our homecourse par 5 10th, view from the green backwards.


Black Mountain GC Hua Hin/Thailand. Sien can also do some good shots with his camera thanks to the smiling caddies.

Riet's splendid teeshot on the Palheiro GC Madeira, 15th hole, a short par 5 downhill . Can we reach the green in two?

That's how a nice bunker has to look like folks. See the pattern? Sawang GC Thailand

Keep an open eye on nature Aroreira I GC Lisbon Portugal. One of my nicest birthday rounds here with Winnie, Estoril GC Lisbon Sept 25th 2008



In february 2010 we had some 10 inches of snow. So Michael gave his lessons on a snow coverred range. Here some useful swing exercises in white




The course looked beautiful with all that snow . Of course it was closed or you had to play with coloured balls. No problem on the range however. Every shot a "gonner" Still Riet here with a nice finish




On the occasion of Germany's Ryder Cup application in 2018 we made these photo's on the par 4, 10th on the Laerchenhot GC Cologne after the European Tour Mercedes CS in September 2009. In the front you can see Bernard Langer. Riet and myself are on the top at your right in the digit 8 under the black part.



Ralf hunting autographs after the event here with Berhard Langer



Happy ever after, but also before our tee time. We feel free. Las Americas GC Tenerife at 7 o'clock in the morning. See the dew on the grass, a new day dawning !



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